1- We have sent 20 container loads of construction materials from Ambarli Port Istanbul to Lagos Port Nigeria for a Nigerian Construction company.

2- We have sent 3 Turkish made Golf Carts to a 5 Star Hotel in Qatar from Gemlik Port.

3- We completed the transfer of 2 German made industrial ovens from Istanbul Airport to a well-known restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya via Turkish Cargo company.

4- We have sent 12.000 pieces of 19 liter water bottles with 5 mega containers from Iskenderun Port to Djibouti, Africa in 3,5 weeks time.

5- We had a business agreement with Apple and sent 200 pieces of iPhone XR directly from New Jersey, USA to one of the biggest companies in Senegal.

6- We had opened up a company based in New Jersey, USA which will work integrated with MKS Turkey.

7- We supplied and completed the transfer of 2 Toyota SUV vehicles from New Jersey to Malaysia in 4 weeks time. 8- We have supplied and sent American made Access Control System products from New Jersey to a 5 Star Hotel in Krgyzstan via air cargo. We also made the software set-ups of these products in place.